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Uncomplicate projects. One, centralized and easy-to-use workspace for your team to keep track of work.
Always be on top of things, ship projects faster and keep your team aligned.

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The right set of tools to tackle any project.

Track tasks

Manage, track and visualize tasks in real-time.


All your documents, notes and wiki's in one place.

Project planning

Plan events, milestones and deadlines for each project.

Resource management

Project files are neatly organized and easy to find.


Focused and asynchronous conversations that lead to better decision-making.

Timelines for the best possible overview.

View projects and tasks in a Gantt chart and see the bigger picture.

What our users say

“We have fewer meetings yet the team knows exactly what to do and when. Everybody is on top of things and productivity sky-rocketed.”

Guillaume, Co-founder Anomely

“It took us many tries to find the right app but we're glad we finally did. We've been able to keep track of every team member's tasks in a beautiful environment. All the tools are there to describe, plan, assign, track and crush all tasks without losing anyone in translation.”

Pat, Head of Sales at BigStuffed

Your new home for collaboration.

Group chat

Each project has a dedicated, real-time group chat.


Improve teamwork with quick mentions and commenting.

Act on new ideas.

No more scattered conversations and endless Slack threads. Instead have focused, asynchronous conversations that lead to better decision-making.

Manage any project
without the chaos.

Get everyone on the same page and
move work forward faster.

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