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Manage any project successfully, in one place.

Task management

Track, visualize and manage tasks in real-time.

Docs & notes

All your project docs, notes and wiki's in one place.

Week planner

Plan project events and deadlines to stay on top.


Centralize all project files in one, easy-to-find, space.

“There are fewer status meetings, fewer emails and Slack is being used less. People work more autonomous and there is more collaboration on projects.”
Robert, Head of product
“The team knows exactly what to do and when. Everybody is on top of things and productivity literally sky-rocketed.”
Guillaume, Co-founder

All your team's contextual communication in one place.

Group chat

Real-time group chat for quick answers and casual banter.

Comments & mentions

Comment and mention for instant feedback.


On-topic and asynchronous discussions to make better decisions.

A hub to centralize teamwork.

Bring all tools together and get your team on the same page. Increase transparency and speed up any project with hello ivy.

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