The all-in-one toolkit for managing projects.

One workspace to keep track of all your work. Bring together tasks, documents, timelines, planning, files and your team's communication.
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Manage any project without the chaos.

A better way to work.

Less need for meetings.

There's no need to initiate a meeting for every little update, Hello Ivy will make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page and up-to-date, at all times.

Easy to use and for all type of teams.

It's easy to set up a project, anyone can do it. There's practically no learning curve. Every team and department benefits from using hello ivy.

All the tools you need to tackle any project.

Task management

Get work done. The efficient way.

  • Assign tasks to team members and they'll automatically get notified.
  • Choose the view you prefer: Kanban board, list or timeline view.
  • The task overview shows you if a project is on track or delayed. Find bottlenecks and solve them quickly.
Documents & Notes

Bring clarity to your team.

  • Write project documentation, meeting notes, wikis or any other type of copy with our powerful and flexible editor.
  • Collaborate together with your teammates in the same page at the same time.
  • Easily organize your docs in the sidebar by simply dragging & dropping and nesting.
Gantt charts

See how work spreads over time.

  • Plan projects and tasks while keeping your team in sync.
  • Switch views from project timelines to assignee (team member) timelines to see work from every angle.
  • Spot inefficiencies, manage expectations and identify overlapping and dependent tasks.
Resource management

The right files, in the right place.

  • Each project has it's own dedicated files page to make organizing your work even easier.
  • Directly view files in hello ivy.
  • You'll get 500GB storage space.
Week planner & Calendar

Stay on top of work, plan your projects.

  • Each project has it's own calendar. You can combine the events from each project in your main calendar for a complete overview.
  • Discuss events with your teammates. Add images, files and tags.
  • Never miss a milestone, an event, a meeting or an important project deadline.

Make better decisions as a team and act on new ideas.

  • Work async and give people time to think and share their opinion when they are ready.
  • One, central place for all your discussions (and solutions), organized per project.
  • Anybody can start a discussion, add a due date and let everyone chip in. The result is a solid conclusion which has been thoroughly thought through. Say goodbye to messy threads.
Group chat

Discuss your projects in context.

  • Each space has a its own group chat, this means that each chat is by default a more focused one.
  • Works for focused conversations and casual watercooler talk.
  • Move quickly: always just 1-click away.

Get (and keep) the bird's eye view, finally.

All work is found in one place.

Go from projects scattered all over the place and chaotic team communication to neatly organized projects and a team that's on top of things, less stressed and more productive.

Move work forward faster and drive efficiency.

Hello Ivy gives you complete control over your work. Deadlines won't surprise you, there's less juggling, less silos, the right decisions are being made, there is better team communication and everyone knows exactly what to do and when.

More time for real work.

No more switching between apps

All your work can be found in hello ivy, there is no more switching between dozens of apps, no more anxiety or fear of missing out and no more getting distracted every ten minutes. Be confident, you're in the know.

Clean user-interface, no distraction

Hello ivy gives you a focused, organized and decluttered workspace with all the tools you need to get real work done.

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This company increased their performance when using this product – and here we are singing it from the rooftops.

“We have fewer meetings yet the team knows exactly what to do and when. Everybody is on top of things and productivity sky-rocketed.”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

Your new work hub.

Project management

Real-time task management

Team communication &

File & resource management

“We have fewer meetings yet the team knows exactly what to do and when. Everybody is on top of things and productivity sky-rocketed.”

Founder anomely

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