Discussions help your team make the right decisions. Ask questions and let the rest of the team chip in on their own time. It's an async decision making tool. Once there's a solution, it's there to stay and find for everyone, always.

Discussions are always a part of a project, you cannot create a discussion without creating a project first. To create a discussion you have to click on the project where you want the discussion to take place and then open the discussions tool.

In the top right corner you'll find a button where you can create a new discussion:

Creating a discussion is fairly simple. You give the discussion a title (which is usually the question itself), write what you need a solution for and post it. When creating a discussion you can always still change the project where the discussion should be posted, you can also mention specific teammates so they get a message when you post the discussion.

Once the discussion is published you simply wait for the answers/solutions. If nobody is replying you can always give them a little nudge by mentioning them using the @ symbol.

Once you have enough answers to get to a conclusion, you can write a post with the outcome and use the "Resolve this" button to show everyone what was decided.

When you post the resolution all members of the project will be informed. The discussion will automatically be moved to the "Resolved" section. If you ever need to find the outcome of a discussion you can always open resolved discussions to see what was decided and how the team got to that conclusion.

In the discussion menu you can "unresolve" a discussion, copy the unique link, and edit and delete discussions.

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