Today Tool

The Today tool

The Today functionality is a personalized overview that shows all the tasks that are assigned to you (tasks created via the Today page are automatically assigned to you, unless you purposefully assign a task to another team member. This is only possible after selecting a project that also has other members).

Tasks are sorted on date, project or priority. Whichever you select will be the default for when you get back to this page. If a task has no date, project or priority assigned they will not be categorized and they will be shown at the bottom of the page.

You can simply add a task by clicking the "Add task" button on top of the page. When you do this, you can assign priority, dates and project. Once you select a project more options will show, such as label, status and you can assign the task to another teammate that is also part of project.

The goal of the Today page is to give you a personalized overview where you can easily identify what needs to be done and see the importance of the task. It's a good way to prioritize work. The page shows you all tasks from all projects (if assigned to you) combined in one simple but handy overview!

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