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Team Collaboration basics

Team Collaboration basics

Hello Ivy is all about collaborating and communicating with your team, providing one central location for your entire team to track and complete work.

We've compiled a list of important basics that we recommend your team stick to. If you implement these and make them a habit, you can ensure smooth operations and maintain an up-to-date workspace for everybody to benefit from.

  1. Create a project per topic or team

To keep your workspace as organized as possible we recommend you to create a project for each topic, team or client. By doing so, you will make sure to keep all your data and information streams separated and organized. There's less clutter and more space to think clearly.

You can also create folders to neatly organize your projects. For example, if you create a project for each team (Marketing, HR, Product, Design, Development, etc.), you can then create a folder called 'Teams' and move all those projects into this folder to maintain a tidy workspace.

  1. When relevant, always add start and due dates

When creating a task or a project with start and due dates, make sure to always add these dates to the project. You can add dates to a project on the overview page. By doing so, you'll ensure that you get the most out of Hello Ivy. This allows you to view these projects and tasks in the Gantt chart (Timeline view) and the calendar. If a task is assigned to you, it will also appear in your personalized Today overview, where you can find your tasks sorted by relevance, priority, project, and date.

Ensuring that all tasks and projects have assigned dates provides the rest of the team with information about what's happening and when. The more accurate and detailed the data, the better. Knowledge is power, and this is a simple practice to follow.

  1. Always assign a task to a person

When there is a responsible person for a task, always make sure to assign the task to that individual. You can also assign multiple team members to a task if it involves more than one person. By assigning the task to a team member, they will receive an inbox notification to get notified, and it will appear in their Today overview. This ensures that they will address the task without the need for reminders.

  1. Mention team members

If you want to grab the attention of a team member you can easily give them a nudge by using the mention functionality (@name). When you mention a team member they will get a notification in their inbox and an email (if they have this email notification switched on).

  1. Invite your team as quickly as you can

Don't wait to invite your team to your workspace. It's an advantage for everyone to start collaborating as quickly as possible. It's also much easier to figure out Hello Ivy together, and you'll be able to see how Hello Ivy can help your team collaborate and communicate efficiently. So, set up those first projects together!

That's it

These are some of the most important basics to ensure smooth teamwork. If your entire team sticks to these principles, you'll have the fundamentals covered. It can only get better from there! Have a productive day!

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